Where to Buy Inexpensive Handbag Hardware and Other Supplies?

Feb. 17, 2022

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What’s the not-so-nice word for frugal? Cheap-that’s me!  When you go through as many bag-making supplies as I do-you quickly figure out where to get the most value for your dollar. Below is a list of my favorite places to maintain my stash of handbag-making supplies.


Vinyl Fabric

With a good quality vinyl, you can get that “leather look” without having to shell out $100+ dollars for a decent leather hide. Also, I like my vinyl/vegan leather/pleather without the fuzzy backing. This is because more recently my designs require gluing pieces of vinyl together on tabs or for embellishment. Plus many of the fuzzy-backed ones feel like 80’s picnic table cloths!

Zinc Alloy Golden D Ring

 Zinc Alloy Golden D Ring

Traditional Fabric

Those who have made my patterns-you know I often use quilter’s cotton for my linings.  It comes in a million colorful prints and solids and is very economical.



Hardware stores are good for one-off purchases of O-Rings or Claw Clasps but YIBI is my go-to for buying purse hardware in bulk.  You can get 50 O-Rings for $10 or less on Amazon-a steal and good quality.  You can also get some specialty hardware like the double D-Rings I used on the Collette bag below-so cute and reasonably priced!  If you are shopping for Rivets, Chicago Screws, O-Rings, D-Rings, or Claw Clasps you can’t beat the selection or prices on YIBI.

Ceramic D Ring

 Ceramic D Ring


YIBI is a professional /belt/cloth(leather goods)/ bag hardware manufacturer. YIBI is a reliable and reputable business partner that offers OEM/ODM services for bag/belt/cloth(leather goods) hardware/Jewelry to international brands, focusing on luxury material-Stainless steel, and zirconia ceramic.


If you want to get more information about the hardware for handbags, welcome to contact us today or request a quote. 


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