How To Set Up A Leather Rivet?

Dec. 15, 2021

For riveting, holes are punched in the leather through which the rivet shaft passes. The non-bar head is placed on the base and the bar head is driven through the material and then tapped with a hammer or mallet. The shaft is squeezed and deformed into the non-shank head, creating a dumbbell-like shaped joint. The leather material is now held in place between the rivet heads.


Rivets can be removed, but usually with some effort, as they are intended to be more permanent fastening devices. For example, blue jeans often use rivets to hold the material together and they can remain strong for years.


A manual press operates by having a fixed range of motion. It is mechanically connected to a lever arm that, when pressed by hand, transfers force through the machine to the hardware being set (snap fasteners, rivets, grommets, etc.). A hand press can help when you are making large batches or saving time and effort by manually setting hardware with a hammer, mallet, or mallet. 

Ceramic Steel Buckle

Ceramic Steel Buckle

Leather Presser

A presser foot machine is a machine that sets press studs, rivets, eyelets, and grommets. While there are manual methods to apply these types of hardware manually with a certain amount of impact, the mechanized process allows for easier and faster application of these structural elements, especially in leatherworking and fine leather processes.


Presser foot machines operate through a fixed range of motion. The hand-press mounter is operated by hand, while the foot-press mounter is mechanically connected to a large foot pedal. When pressed with the foot, it transfers the force through the machine to the hardware being set (press studs, rivets, cable loops, etc.).


Because of the foot-driven force, these machines also provide benefits by allowing both hands to grip the material being attached freely. Often, the force generated by the foot can last longer (and feel less tiring) than the force generated by the hands. Foot presses can be helpful when you are making large batches or seeking consistent, high-quality results.


Leather Presser Removal Tool

Sometimes snapshots must be removed. Snap removal tools are used to remove snaps that have been set. Sometimes while working, we realize that snaps need to be undone or moved (due to design changes, damaged snaps, etc.). Snap removal tools are sturdy metal tools that remove the snap from the material to which it was originally attached.


They must be strong enough to remove the force used to initially secure the snap. Some of these tools are handheld and require considerable force to squeeze them. Others are mounted on a tabletop, providing more leverage and the simpler task of pushing the lever arm to release the snap from the material. While they may not be used often, they are very useful when needed.

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