How To Maintain Outdoor Zippers?

May. 12, 2022

When zippers are constantly exposed to external elements, it can be difficult to keep them working properly. This is especially true for zippers that have been used on backpacks, tents, travel covers, wetsuits, luggage, golf bags, etc. In addition to dirt and debris, saltwater and salt air can damage your zippers. But there's no need to worry. If you're eager to learn more about maintaining and protecting your zippers to keep them working properly for years to come, YIBI can help you.


The first step in taking care of your zippers is to keep them free of dust, grit, and especially salt, as it can corrode them if given the chance. You need to clean and dry your zippers after each use. To do this, you can shake out the zipper, wipe it with a cloth, brush it with a clean brush or rinse it with fresh water. Rinsing zippers with fresh water and allowing them to dry completely after each contact with the debris is the best way to prevent zipper corrosion. For items that are used occasionally, such as tents or luggage, make sure your zippers are completely clean and dry before storing them.

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Once you've thoroughly cleaned your zippers, it's time to lubricate them. Think of zipper lubricant like sunscreen: the more you use it, the better your protection will be. Avoid using products containing silicone on your zippers, as this will further attract debris.


If your zipper is corroded by salt, there are steps you can take. Zipper corrosion is easy to spot because the salt usually forms a white film around the slider or teeth, causing the zipper to slide poorly. Use a mixture of boiling fresh water and white vinegar and scrub the teeth of the zipper with a toothbrush to remove any salt or debris. You can also scrub the zippers with warm water and a small amount of detergent. Remember to rinse and dry them thoroughly afterward. Finally, follow the steps above to lubricate your zipper to prevent it from freezing again.

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Found you have a stuck zipper? In a pinch, you can also try using lip balm or lipstick to help it move freely. Simply rub the lip balm around the zipper teeth and slider, then move the slider back and forth. The wax in these products helps move the stuck slider.


While it is important to pay special attention to the zipper, you do need to be careful about exactly how you do it. If you apply lip balm or lip balm to your teeth before zipping them up (such as on a tent, backpack or bag), it will only attract dirt, dust, salt, sand, and other debris, which can cause more problems. Wax can also cause problems if applied to a zipper that is particularly dirty or covered in debris, as it can make removing these pesky particles more difficult. If the zipper is clean and away from the elements, you need to make sure that you only add lip balm or lubricant to the zipper. Adding lip balm does not have to be a daily task as you only need to add lip balm when you notice a stuck or stiff zipper.


Now that we've provided a good start, you're well on your way to protecting your zippers for as long as you need! If you find you still need help, please feel free to contact our excellent customer support staff to answer all your zipper questions.

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