Elegant Backpacks: Shopping Tips!

May. 26, 2022

Usually, the word backpack conjures up a very casual and sporty look that will remind you of trips out of town, afternoons at the gym, or even old school days. Over the years, on the contrary, backpacks have become a real fashion accessory, especially for women, who have even started using them in more formal settings. Today, we'll give you some helpful tips to navigate around the motley world of elegant backpacks!


From practical styles to iconic bags.

Backpacks have always occupied a very wide market. The only difference is that today they are no longer considered practical, but ugly, useful objects. Many bag manufacturers are committed to creating stylish backpacks, with great attention to detail, produced from "noble" raw materials such as leather, and suitable for more elegant occasions.


The days of nylon backpacks are over, and now we see girls and women flaunting them like true high fashion, going out with friends, going to work, shopping, and so on.

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Let's face it: backpacks are very comfortable accessories, but we often refuse to wear them because we think they are not suitable for more formal occasions. Now, the most important fashion houses are incorporating them into their collections, helping them to become truly fashionable accessories and a must-have in our closets.


This does not mean that buying a so-called "elegant" backpack necessarily means emptying our pockets: prices vary greatly, depending on the material, the method of processing and the fashion house that produces them.


Obviously, a fabric or imitation leather backpack costs less than one made of leather, while a handmade backpack will obviously cost more than a mass-produced one ...... Depending on what you say, you can choose the backpack that offers the best value for money. To suit your tastes and needs!


Elegant backpacks: shopping tips!

If you decide to buy a backpack, you will be spoilt for choice: you will find them in all shapes, in all materials, in all colors, and at all prices. How to choose the best one? Let's start by saying that the best material is leather, for a number of reasons.

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Leather is a superior "elegant" material that adds class to any bag, suitcase, or backpack.

Leather is very durable. Elegant shoulder bags should be beautiful and stylish, but also practical and durable, or spend money in vain.

As leather ages, it improves: it doesn't deteriorate over time, it evolves, and over the years it acquires the "worn" sheen that gives the item its personality.

Leather is never the same: precisely because they are made of "living" fabric, leather items are never the same, and even if they are the same model, they will have different shades, colors and textures, making them distinctive and unique.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you consider the possibility of buying a backpack handmade by an artisan. This has nothing to do with snobbery.


Handmade products are much more accurate than mass-produced ones.

Seams, edges, and stitching are very precise, with few defects.

Each object is always different from the others.

Value for money is often very convenient, especially when buying from lesser-known artisan workshops.

Sometimes it is also possible to customize products on request (with specific decorations, initials, etc.).

Beautiful, functional, practical, and suitable for all budgets: backpacks never go out of fashion, not to mention the elegant ones we see flaunted on all occasions, not only for women but also for men!

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