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YIBI is a custom handbag hardware manufacturer and supplier, specializing in the production of high-end bag accessories-zirconia ceramic hardware and stainless steel hardware. We help brands design, develop and implement custom handbag hardware into their production lines.

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The flow of custom handbag hardware:

1. The customer provides pictures drawings/samples

YIBI R&D team is also available to help with the designs based on the customer's idea.

2. Project evaluation

Our R&D team will go through all details to evaluate if everything is workable to proceed with sampling and further mass production and offer professional suggestions.

3. Offer 3D rendering to the customer for confirmation

In order to make everything clear, we usually offer 3D/2D/rending to our customers for final confirmation if necessary.

4. Arrange making prototype

Based on customer requests, we will arrange to make a prototype after confirming all details with the customer.

5. Arrange mass production

We will arrange mass production after the customer approves the prototype and place the order with us.

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Some common problems of custom handbag hardware.

YIBI provides custom handbag hardware services for large global brands and small manufacturers. We have professional design, development, manufacturing and production capabilities and use a variety of manufacturing processes to meet quality expectations, and create our own metal brand for every consumer.

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