Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless Steel Handbag Hardware, Stainless Steel Handbag Hardware Manufacturer

Why choose stainless steel handbag hardware?

Stainless steel handbag hardware has the characteristics of environmental protection, durability, resistance to fading, corrosion resistance, and non-oxidation. Stainless steel handbag hardware can be perfectly matched with bags of any material, including luxury bags.

Stainless Steel Handbag Hardware Manufacturer

YIBI is one of the best quality bag hardware suppliers and manufacturers in China, focusing on two main stable materials-stainless steel and zirconia ceramic for hardware.MIM(metal injection molding) and CIM(ceramic injection molding) are core competitive business parts. 

Our stainless steel handbag hardware includes stainless steel snap hook, belt buckle part, stainless steel belt buckle, stainless steel bag buckle, stainless steel zipper slider, key ring hook, stainless steel zipper puller, stainless steel connector, etc., choose the hardware you want or contact us customize!


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